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When it comes to your Agribusiness,
we get our hands dirty.

No two farms are alike.

No two banking solutions should be.

Our strategic focus, to serve businesses across the whole of the food value chain, is what sets us apart from any other commercial bank in the country. Through our partnerships with GroCapital Financial Services and UNIGRO we’re developing products from the ground up, with no traditional banking limits to our innovations, to especially serve the agricultural industry in this value chain.

We are working to develop unique products, dedicated to serving diverse agribusiness needs.

We can offer just what you as a South African agriculture client needs because of our partnership with these industry leaders. Leaders who not only understand the length and breadth of the local landscape, but boast nearly 100 years of experience in every kind of agricultural service. This means we can expand our financial services product offering to include the acceptance of deposits and cross-border financial settlements, alliance, business and international banking; growing forex, commodity trade and finance activities across every sphere of the agricultural sector.

Our dedication to the progress and success of all our agriculture clients means we are also formulating products and offerings to serve a largely ignored category of underbanked, rural farmers – strengthening every link in the value chain whilst exponentially contributing to sustainable, economic growth.

Tell us what your Agribusiness needs.

Grobank’s balance of agricultural and financial expertise is what allows us to help you grow a successful Agribusiness.
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