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No two Agribusinesses are alike.
No two banking solutions should be.

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Our banking partnership is taking root.

We’re working towards building agribusiness banking products & solutions that cater to a range of agriculture needs.






Sowing the first seed.

This convenient day-to-day banking platform acts as your gateway to a wide range of additional services and products that can all be tailored to you and your unique farming and agricultural needs.


  • Manage cash
  • Bank electronically
  • ATM card & cheque book facilities
  • Foreign exchange services
  • Deposit and investment products and much more
  • Specialised Agri products, tailored to the agriculture needs of our continent.

Bank where you farm

We understand that a day away from your farm can mean a day’s work lost. Enabling you to do more of what matters is a Grobank priority. It’s why we offer your farm and agribusiness the quickest, most cost-effective, convenient banking solution – it’s banking right where you farm, 24/7.


  • Real-time balances, transaction information, transaction history and statements 24/7/365.
  • Instantly transfer between or access all your accounts.
  • Manage beneficiaries and view direct debits.
  • Pay creditors and all of your employees safely and securely, wherever you are.

24/7 Online Support

Our dedicated online banking support team are always available to offer assistance with training, beneficiary loading, pin resets and other operational support. Call them on xxxxx for help or if you suspect your account has been interfered with.

Q: Is online banking secure?

A: The security of our service is our top priority. Our online banking site is encrypted and is accessed through your secret login number and pin. In addition to encryption and access control, there are user-defined controls that allow limited access e.g. view-only, beneficiary loading and payment submission. Always practice safe online banking, never access your bank account via an emailed link and never share your details with anyone electronically or telephonically, even if they claim to be from Grobank.

Q: How do I sign up for an online banking account?

A: Once you’ve opened an account with us you can select the internet banking login option followed by the New User Enrolment icon. Complete the enrolment application form and submit. We will then perform a validation of your details against the information we have on record, to ensure your security. After successful registration, your pin will be available for collection at your business suite or from your Relationship Manager.


Q: Does online banking save money?

A: Yes, viewing your balances and downloading statements are free services. You will only be charged a monthly subscription fee once you’ve registered, thereafter fees are payable as you transact. All of the applicable fees can be found in our pricing guide available on the Rates and Fees page.


Q: What other electronic banking services do you offer?

A: The Athena Payment System is specifically designed to cater for an Agri business’s bulk / batch payment requirements. Easy to install, this system provides you with a complete database on the payment history of all your transactions. Similarly to online banking, beneficiaries are created and stored on the system for payment. The system runs a validation on the beneficiary account numbers and branch codes whilst looking for duplicate transactions within the same batch. Once information is verified and authorised by you, it’s uploaded to Grobank for distribution into the various beneficiary accounts. This system provides an audit trail of transactions plus an invoice for the service fees and details of the funding account.

To access you’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee after having registered, thereafter fees are payable as you transact. All of the applicable fees can be found in our pricing guide available on the Rates and Fees page.

Our word is yours.

Talk to your Relationship Manager about how we can establish a formal guarantee to stand as surety for payments to third parties for everything from property to performance.

Guarantees include:

  • Property Guarantees – issued to effect transfer of immovable property.
  • Performance Guarantees – issued to underwrite building/development activities.
  • Payment Guarantees – issued to guarantee rental payments, deposits to municipalities, etc.

Tell us what your Agribusiness needs.

Grobank’s balance of agricultural and financial expertise is what allows us to help you grow a successful Agribusiness.

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