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Put your eggs in the right basket,
to invest for growth.

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Returns without getting your hands dirty.

A well-planned investment is like planting the right crop at the right time – yield is certain, strong and more than worth the wait. Together with your Relationship Manager and our highly skilled Treasury Team, we can discern the best investment route for you to follow.

Our notice, call and fixed deposit accounts allow you to access your money when you need it or to re-invest and enjoy the benefits of security and continued growth.






With a call, notice or fixed investment account, possibility blooms:

  • Capital guaranteed – Get what you invested and your returns back, guaranteed.
  • Add to it anytime – Set-up a monthly EFT or add to your investment whenever you’d like.
  • Free to manage – Enjoy our personalised service with no monthly banking fees or commissions.
    Use your investment as collateral to grow your farm – On credit facilities and guarantees.
  • Bigger balance, bigger return – Our tiered interest rates increase along with your balance.
  • Grow or get – Choose to have your interest paid out monthly or re-capitalised.


Deposit and withdraw on demand. Best for agri-businesses and individuals with easy access online. Bank statements are produced quarterly and no monthly account fee is levied. Minimum opening balance R1000.


Select between 32, 60, or 88 days with a varied interest rate that is market related. Minimum opening and maintenance balance R250,000.


Invest for a predetermined period of either 6, 9, 12 or 24 months, with the benefit of a fixed interest rate for the entire investment period. Enjoy options of interest being paid monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. On maturity your investment, with interest, will automatically be paid to a non-interest bearing account.
Minimum opening and maintenance balance R250,000.

Tell us what your Agribusiness needs.

Grobank’s balance of agricultural and financial expertise is what allows us to help you grow a successful Agribusiness.
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