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Access Bank South Africa Limited
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+27 (0) 11 634 4300 [email protected] Contact Details

Banking beyond
the status quo

Where non-banks bank

Where innovation
is opportunity

We love to partner with open-minded, future-focussed businesses in the development of innovative offerings that enable more people to access quality, reliable banking services.

We’ve created an open, trustworthy financial market place for corporates or fintech start-ups to operate in. Through integration with Grobank we provide an open gateway for businesses to reliably co-create unique banking products and value-added services – bringing unconventional banking solutions to meet a growing unconventional banking need.

We’re partners
who ask why not

We’re co-creators,
not cookie cutters

Agile, adaptive and flexible, we’re here to think beyond the box and disrupt the norm, finding and building unique solutions, that implement a unique idea.

At Grobank we’re passionate about creating banking solutions designed by an industry for that very industry. Together we can build new banking solutions that integrate seamlessly into your agri-business and co-op platforms, broadening your reach whilst enabling more of your customers. From farmers, secondary agriculture businesses to all of the many links in the food value chain, we’re growing your agri-business from the inside out.

Amplifying through
Agri alliances

What would your banking solution look like?

Imagine your innovation right here.


Store of value


Debit card and pre-paid cards


Domestic and international remittances


A network of cash acceptance and cash-out options


Payments and collections services


Value added products in electricity, airtime and more


Data storage and reporting


Regulatory services and enhancements


Compliance and risk management

Design your solutions here.

We have the resources to enable, develop and implement banking solutions for your customers, right where you engage with them – on your platforms or in your outlet. Access our unique integration technologies to simplify the creation of these products whilst speeding up time to market. With over 16 years experience in Alliance Banking, you can be sure that all banking roles and responsibilities are not just taken care of, but perfected.

From back office processing, compliance and risk management to integration as well as traditional and non-traditional payment types. Whatever your idea, we’re here to enable you.

Our ecosystem includes a range of core banking partners and solutions, payments processors, retail outlet partners, traditional payment rails, non-traditional or alternative payment types and more.

Meet some of our Alliance Banking partners

From major mobile networks to fintech start-ups, we’ve partnered with businesses to provide uniquely dynamic solutions that have disrupted traditions and pioneered new ways of thinking.

Now let’s make it happen

Engagement and partnership are at the heart of any alliance. Let’s connect to understand the very unique needs of your business, the principles of your offering, what you would like to enable and the innovative service you are trying to create. We’re here to do it together.

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