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+27 (0) 11 634 4300 [email protected] Contact Details

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That’s why our Business Banking offering is built around just two things – a Relationship Manager and You.

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Grobank and tashas: A superb pairing

The well-respected restaurateur’s relationship with Grobank began in 2005, notably spearheaded by Christa Swart. Sideris notes: "The people Grobank hires and the service that you...

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Grow a Future Campaign

At Grobank, we are passionate about education and truly support the manner in which Feenix is supporting students to realise their potential in tertiary studies...

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Darryl Adriaanzen, Executive: Personal and Business Banking – On Relationships

Darryl Adriaanzen, Executive: Personal and Business Banking (former COO of Grobank) chats through the key role that relationships play, within the bank. "We believe that...

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