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Business is personal.

We think Business Banking should be too.

We take your business personally

We don’t see businesses, we see people.

That’s why our Business Banking offering is built around just two things – a Relationship Manager and You.

Need to talk to a
Relationship Manager?

100% personalised service.
100% of the time.

We find the products and services to help realise what matters most to you, structuring solutions to not just meet a need but reach your goals. We’d rather speak to you, know the ins and outs of your business and customise an approach that will see your long-term success.

What matters most to you?

Tell us here.

Wheel Collision (client interview)

13 years ago Craig Courtney-Leaver had an idea to start a business that revolutionised rim repair in South Africa. His bankers thought he was mad, but […]

Grobank – Together on your journey to success

From the South African Bank of Athens to Grobank. This has been our journey, and we are privileged to join our clients on theirs. We first […]

Transforming food systems beyond Covid-19 – webinar recording

In case you missed it: On Thursday 16 April, over 1300 small-scale farmers and other agriculturists from across South Africa logged on to the free webinar, “We shall overcome: South African agriculture beyond Covid-19”.

Bank with Grobank

We’ll walk alongside you on your journey to success.

Seeing the bigger picture across our clients’ industries – that’s what makes us partners.
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