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We’re partners who understand the ins and outs of business. We get that sometimes you need backing from a partner who really has your back. Let’s talk about how we can to grow your business sustainably and responsibly.






When opportunity knocks, answer.

Through insight and understanding we can structure an overdraft facility to give your business the financial flexibility to uniquely suit its own path. By granting your business access to additional overdraft funds, your business can act when it needs to, regardless of what the bottom line reads. Because we understand that working capital allows you to equip, enlarge or sometimes simply carry your business when it matters the most.

With Grobank there are no minimum monthly repayments, provided you remain within your arranged limit and make regular deposits. Pay interest, determined after a personalised assessment, on what you use and not on the total arrangement. Interest is calculated daily and charged monthly.

Talk to a Relationship Manager about what you need to access an overdraft and let’s see what we can work out to support your business success.

Capital is capability.
Capability is possibility.

A commercial loan is a medium-term working capital facility used to finance your immediate working capital needs.

With a maximum repayment period of 60 months, instalments are payable monthly in arrears. Calculated daily and charged monthly, interest rates are linked to our prime lending rate and dependent on your personal assessment.
Talk to a Personal Relationship Manager about what you need to access a commercial loan and let’s give your business every possibility it deserves.

Mobilising the food chain across our continent.

From a combine harvester to an industrial oven, our Relationship Managers understand that no two businesses in the chain are alike, travelling every road to find a flexible solution and repayment plan that is just what your business needs to keep moving, doing and growing. From an instalment sale to a lease agreement, talk to us to see how we can keep your wheels turning.

Space to grow.

Whether it’s acquiring a property in an agricultural, retail, commercial or industrial space; or if it’s extending, altering or refinancing your current property, we have the market-leading expertise to see you make the right decision square metre, by square metre.


  • A medium and long-term repayment programme for revenue generating or owner-occupied properties.
  • Individually structured repayment plans.
  • Finance and an overdraft to meet your short-term working capital requirements and support awaiting rentals.

The complete cost of a property acquisition:

It’s important to be aware of the holistic costs involved in any property acquisition, both residential and commercial.


If your business only qualifies for a percentage of the required loan, you’ll need to provide a deposit. Interest may be earned on the deposit (if it is kept by an attorney in a trust) until the property is transferred into your name. A deposit is equity that you introduce and this amount is stated in the Offer to Purchase.

Transfer Fees

Includes “transfer duty” payable to the receiver of revenue, as well as a “deeds office fee” and “administrative fee” payable to the transferring attorney. Be aware that transfer duty is not to be paid if the transaction involves a VAT registered party. The deeds and admin fee are however payable on a VAT transaction.

Property Registration Costs

This fee is payable by you (the purchaser of a property) to a conveyancer (also called a transferring attorney) attending to the registration of a bond over the property in favour of the bank. This fee consists of stamp duty and VAT (as prescribed by law), registration costs (also called conveyancing fees) payable to the transferring (conveyancing) attorney for services rendered as well as bond costs payable to the Deeds Office for the registration of the bond amount.

Valuation Assessment Fee

A bank appointed panel of assessors will carry out a valuation and this fee is charged by and is payable to the assessor.

Residential Property Finance

An open door is an open chapter.

Whether it’s financing your own property, investing in one or leveraging a property as collateral, we take the time to understand the important role that residential property finance plays in your life and your business’s. With over 60 years mortgage experience, our Relationship Managers, together with our experienced credit team, will structure a deal according to your needs walking you through the doors and into the next opportunity.


  • A finance facility.
  • A twenty-year mortgage period (or shorter should you elect to).
  • Highly competitive interest rates that are calculated daily and charged monthly.

What matters to you?

We’ll see how we can help.

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