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Grobank international banking,
fluid in every currency

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The world is waiting to meet your business.

As experienced and authorised foreign exchange dealers, our Relationship Managers are fluent in every currency – not only complying with prescribed regulations but personalising solutions just for you. From our highly competitive rates to our same day service, at Grobank we understand that even though your business operates on an international scale, it can’t wait on global time zones.






Let Grobank help you send funds offshore.

Are you traveling or wanting to invest abroad?

Grobank has a team of highly skilled Foreign Exchange Relationship Managers who can assist with your cross border needs at exceptionally competitive rates and the ability to chat to our experienced dealers when booking rates.

  1. Use your single discretionary allowance of R1m per calendar year for any legal purpose including foreign investment, gifts and travel.
  2. Should you wish to invest more than the Single discretionary allowance you can send an amount of up to R10m per calendar year subject to approved Tax clearance for Foreign Investment from SARS.

What do you need?

R1m Single Discretionary Allowance

  • Grobank account
  • Valid Green bar coded ID book
  • Valid SARS Tax number (foreign investment)
  • If travelling abroad – passport and air ticket confirming departure date is within 60 days

R10m Foreign Investment Allowance

  • Grobank account
  • Valid Green bar coded ID book
  • Valid SARS Foreign Investment approved Tax clearance  – verification pin number (VPN)


Chat with us for competitive rates in the market and to send funds offshore.

Broaden your horizon.

No matter where you’d like to invest, our skilled Relationship Managers are on hand to assist with the remittance of your Foreign Investment Allowance.

Because your market is global.

Our Relationship Managers understand Foreign Exchange risk management to best advise you on a tailor-made solution which meets Exchange Control regulations.

Cover for when up is down and down is up.

If your business operates on imports and exports, you’ll understand how fluctuations in exchange rates can take from your bottom line. Let us protect your profit by arranging forward cover to buffer your business against the ups and the downs.

Any currency, anywhere, any time.

With growing expertise in cross-border payments, your Relationship Manager is skilled in settling foreign payments to suppliers in any country, in all major currencies. We can also receive funds from any of your offshore counterparties for the credit of your account.

Business is borderless

When it comes to guaranteeing and covering payments we can issue or accept Letters of Credit or Documentary Bills of Collection, to or from international suppliers – payment guarantee and basic protection in favour of your balance sheet.

What matters to you?
We’ll see how we can help.

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