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31st Mar 2020

What does the recent downgrade to sub-investment grade mean for SA agriculture?

On 27 March 2020, Moody’s downgraded South Africa’s sovereign credit rating to sub-investment grade and placed a negative outlook on the rating. The key drivers for […]
20th Feb 2020
Africa Agri Tech Day 3

Africa Agri Tech Day 3

And that’s a wrap! Africa Agri Tech Day 3 reminds us that our quest for food security requires a holistic, long-term approach that needs to start today.
19th Feb 2020
Africa Agri Tech Day 2

Africa Agri Tech Day 2

Data, data, data – the devil’s in the details. If Day 1 of Africa Agri Tech set the scene of the role technology plays in farming, Day 2 ploughed into the details.
18th Feb 2020
Africa Agri Tech Day 1

Africa Agri Tech Day 1

An approach that emphasises partnership and collaboration will see technology-driven farming reap financial and sustainability benefits.
21st Jan 2020

Financial planning and financing in the agri sector

By Bennie Van Rooy, CEO of Grobank While the agriculture sector contributes just 2.5% to South Africa’s total gross domestic product, it is a sector that […]
26th Sep 2019

Opportunities abound for SA’s job-intensive agricultural sector

1st Apr 2019

Open for Business

Many farmers have considered starting a farm stall as a cash cow, but running this kind of business is no joke. The people behind two of South Africa’s most legendary farm stalls give some tips.
1st Apr 2019

The Impact of Agri-Tech on Wine

Farming has certainly not escaped the flood of new-generation technology, from artificial intelligence to automation and analytics.
1st Apr 2019

Future of World Food in Africa’s Hands?

With over 800 million people worldwide suffering from hunger and more than two billion affected by malnutrition, food insecurity remains a real threat to global development, says the African Development Bank (ADB)
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