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+27 (0) 11 634 4300 [email protected] Contact Details

Your story is our story.
That’s what matters.

The Grobank Story

Grobank first entered the market in 1947 as the South African Bank of Athens, delivering world-class business banking services through a team of highly experienced, dedicated Relationship Managers. We gained repute for leading business banking service built from a base of relationships, as well as market-leading, niche alliance banking operating in partnership with businesses. We’re built on a history of relationship, insight and true collaboration. People helping people has always mattered.

In answer to a growing market gap in the agricultural sector, Grobank’s partnership with its shareholders, including the Afgri Group, has seen us evolve our offering to take advantage of our shared knowledge of business banking and the food and agriculture industry to focus on the holistic food and agricultural value chain, from seed to service.

Today Grobank operates as a commercial specialist across every area of this value chain, whilst also offering an expanding range of capabilities and services to businesses outside of this sector.

Our food and business offering, coupled with our continuous leadership in the alliance banking market as well as our service-driven attitude to banking means we’re a bank that truly does offer something that will change the lives of our customers and stakeholders.

By harnessing the best of our specialities, our strong customer relationships and a deeply intricate understanding of our market, we’re here to garner new opportunities, grow with our clients, support food security and innovate new products and services to advance our people, our partners and our continent.

It’s what mattered most to us then and it’s what matters most to us now.

Our clients are not our business.
They’re our partners.

We’re a bank that’s built on relationships. Service, sincere honest and authentic old school trust and commitment underscores our values and operating principles. We’re here to serve as partners using individualised solutions to realise our clients’ long term success. Our skill, experience and focus on building banking relationships that matter, means we do more than simply supply a product, we cross-network, find, fit and formulate to make more of what matters most to you.

Our people are Grobank.

We’re extremely proud of our distinctively skilled, dexterous thinkers – a diverse team of specialists in commercial and business banking. From our Personal Relationship Managers to our Treasury Team, Agri and Investments Experts to our Alliance Imagineers and Support Teams – our people are anything but average. At Grobank we come to work to ignite and inspire, to see potential become possibility, to partner because if it matters to you, it matters to us.

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Our Community

At Grobank we’re committed to promoting transformation, progress and equality in our business, our communities and in every link of the food value chain. Whatever we get behind, we do so as partners always with the end goal in mind – to advance sustainable practices and further food security on our continent.

Not only do our people commit their own time to our CSI projects but we cross-network, introducing our clients to new avenues to not only advance their business, but engineer solutions that have a positive ripple effect.

Our approach to CSI projects and our approach to banking are the same – it’s people that make the difference. Grobank CSI projects are originated by our people, led by our people and in many cases we do this in partnership with our clients.

Some of the projects we’re currently involved in:

Internet Banking